Have you ever wondered about earning money by clicking pics and earning bulk loads of money? Yes, it is possible and thousands of Instagramers are earning good money using Instagram. Instagram is the largest visual content sharing social network with about 1 Billion users (according to Wikipedia). The company was established on 6th October 2010 and now owns by Facebook.

Do you want to know how to earn money on Instagram? Then you’re on the right page. This article will help to start your journey on Instagram. In this post, I will provide you four strategies to earn money from Instagram.

  1. Affiliate marketing on Instagram
  2. Promote products/services through Instagram Shoutouts
  3. Make money through your Photography skills
  4. Become an Influencer

But before you start your journey on earning money on Instagram, it is foremost important to know that getting 10,000 followers is important. The path becomes much easier after you cross 10k followers on your page. Then you have an audience with specific interest and brands might reach out to you for sponsored posts or partnerships.

Keep in mind to know exactly what you want to do. The audience you want to target and content you create. Nowadays, it is a must to have a niche page on Instagram. Niche Instagram page are most liked by brands as they get a targeted audience.

4 Strategies to Earn Money From Instagram

For every money-making strategy, you need to dive deep into the steps to ensure success. Not to forget, it will take time to build an audience. But as soon as you get the right audience you can implement these steps and start to earn money on Instagram.

Let’s start!

1. Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is big business on the internet. Almost every big companies somehow use affiliate marketing strategy in the digital era. Affiliate marketing becomes one of the most popular ways to earn money online. The affiliate marketing model can easily be used on Instagram.

What is Affiliate Marketing? In simple words, it involves registering with a brand and then promoting their services or products. If someone buys a product or subscribe for a service from the link, you will get a commission. The affiliate marketing model is commonly used by websites and Youtubers. Bloggers discuss the topic and promote the product by using the affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal way of earning money by Instagramers who have a good audience. Why create your own product if you have a skill of selling products created by others and get a commission out of it. You need not be a good marketer always to sell products online. Just being creative and doing bit research will open doors for you.

According to the Pew Research Center, Instagram is the most popular among teenagers between ages 18 to 24. So you should consider the fact and start to focus on products and services that appeal more to these age groups.

Adding values to the lives of your audience should be your focus. This will create a long-term relationship with your audience. Building trust is important. People are smart. They will get to know if you try to sell “Non-Sense” stuff to your audience online.

There are lots of large affiliate marketing networks online. Find one for your niche. Suppose, you’re popular in fashion, then find affiliates for fashion. Here are a few affiliate marketing options to earn money on Instagram.


How to Promote Products on Instagram

Instagram Bio: The only problem with Insta is that it provides only one link to display on the homepage. This link you can display only on your Instagram bio. Display the best-earning product affiliate link on your bio. You can alter the links according to the most recent and popular product.

Text overlay: Using the long link looks ugly on your page. Consider using link shortener such as Bit.ly to shorten the link.

Coupons: Some affiliate marketers will provide you with a coupon instead of the affiliate link. You can use it as a text overlay on your images.

Image Description: Marketing is an art. Write an eye-catching caption about the image and get the attention of your audience.


Earn Money From Instagram

Tips on promoting affiliate products

  • Use a stand out image which gets the attention of your audience.
  • Use a good image format for your post.
  • Live video can help you to make a good relationship with your audience.
  • Post Instagram status frequently.
  • Use appropriate hashtags to reach more audiences.
  • Don’t promote affiliate products in every post. People usually Unfollow that kind of page.
  • Never force your audience to buy, buy and buy!


2. Promote products/services through Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram shoutouts could be a good example for you if you don’t have an audience to promote your product. Don’t worry if you are not aware of Instagram shoutouts.

What is Instagram Shoutouts? It is a paid promotion on a popular Instagram influencer’s Insta page. This can be anything as per your agreement with the third party. You can ask the influencer to use a screenshot of your page or opt for image and caption of your choice.

This post then will be shared on the influencer’s Insta page with the affiliate link to a new audience. This strategy can also bring you a new audience if they like your affiliate product.

Earn Money From Instagram

There are various services that can provide you Instagram Shoutouts. Here are a few of the options:

  • BuySellShoutouts
  • PlugHype
  • Shoutcart


3. Make money through your Photography skills

Instagram is the best platform to showcase your photography skills. If your images have something different, then Instagram might be a great place to sell your image.

Here, marketing places a very vital role. You can market yourself as the best photographer for a particular niche. Then reach out to potential clients via Direct messages.

It is always good to have your own website to showcase your photography skills to your client. Convert your normal Instagram account into the business account and add your contact details. This will help your client to contact you and make an offer for your photographs. To know more about how to turn your account into a business account, you can use this link.

If you don’t want to set up your website to sell photographs, you can use some of the most popular photography marketplaces to expose your image.

Earn Money From Instagram

The link to the marketplace can be used on your Instagram page. Here are some of the most used marketplace by photographers:

  • Twenty20
  • Foap
  • Snapwire
  • Unsplash
  • SplitShire


4. Become an Influencer

Did you know that brands spend Billions on influencer marketing every year? Influencer marketing becomes the finest way for brands to reach out to their audience. Some of the big influencers and celebrities charge a massive amount of money per post. Even an influencer who targets a particular niche can charge between $100- $5000 for just one post. This is the reason influencer marketing is becoming more popular. However, it takes lots of time and effort to reach a stage of getting popular and becoming an influencer.

Here are a few tips to how to become an Instagram influencer:

  • Choose the right niche, which you’re passionate about.
  • Write a good bio
  • Share your stores, connect with the audience via live and status updates.
  • Post your content frequently. In the beginning, quantity while not compromising the quality plays a very important role.
  • Choose the right hashtags.
  • Always use Instagram Business Account.
  • Use a proper call to action and engage meaningfully.
  • Tag brands and contact them.
  • Paid followers is a rookie’s mistake. Do not buy followers!

I hope you have some meaningful tips from this post. In the end, patience and hard work on the Instagram page will payout. MoneyIvy will keep you updated with the latest update on what is trending in the market and help to get financially free. Cheers!